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Lauren & Piotr are committed to customer service.

When you purchase from Bednarek Jewellery we guarantee our work for life & intend on keeping your jewellery maintained through a lifetime…

“We are confident when you purchase with us, you aren’t just buying exquisite jewellery, you’re buying peace of mind.”

Piotr Bednarek

Piotr Bednarek, born in Gdansk, Poland. He has been working on a jewellery bench since he was 16 years old. He began as an apprentice from 1978 to 1980 working under Hollander and German Master Jewellers & Gemologists. Piotr continued his education and completed his Journeyman Jeweller & Goldsmith Certificate, a Undergrad equivalent, at the Chamber of Craftsman from 1980 to 1983. At 23 years of age Piotr joined the Polish Army for mandatory training, upon his release he immediately continued his craft and practice of jewellery at the Chamber of Craftsman from 1986 and successfully completed his Master Diploma in Jewellery & Gemmology in 1990.

Immediately after graduating Piotr began working in Poland; designing and manufacturing jewellery before making the move to Canada with his wife and children in 1995. Upon settling in, his professional jewellery career began in Windsor. Shortly after his third child was born, Tiffany & Co. headhunted Piotr from their Swiss headquarters to be one of their creative designers. With hesitation he turned them down because Canada has become home for his family. To date Piotr encompasses over 40 years of professional jewellery experience from casting, diamond and gem setting, all repairs, hand engraving and designing custom jewellery. Piotr is true to his craft and is consistently perfecting his work while keeping up with modern advances in the jewellery industry.

Lauren Bering

Lauren Bering is born and raised in Windsor. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Windsor in 2012 and has worked successfully in customer service since 2005. Lauren is co-owner and operator of Bednarek Jewellery. She fulfils many roles from diamond and gem buyer, marketer, bookkeeper, creative designer, sales and more.

Her daily responsibilities are certainly endless but first and foremost is maintaining unparalleled customer service while ensuring daily operations are smooth. All responsibilities aside, Lauren thrives off a happy customer! Jewellery is so sensitive and often sentimental: whether it is restoring a family heirloom or sharing the creative process of something new she is there for customers from beginning to end, addressing all interests and inquiries.

“The best feeling is seeing a beloved customer smile as their jewellery dream becomes a reality!”